2020-07-13: New Reagent for Direct Determination of HDL-cholesterol

DiaSys is pleased to offer HDL-c direct FS, a new homogenous assay for direct determination of HDL-cholesterol (HDL-C). HDL-C monitoring is of great importance for cardiovascular risk assessment since reduced concentrations of HDL-C, especially in combination with elevated triglycerides are associated with high risk of atherosclerotic heart disease.

The new DiaSys method is characterized by a wide measuring range and shows good overall precision and precision in series at the clinical decision limits. The ready-to-use reagent HDL-c direct FS offers long onboard stability and low calibration frequency.

The new test works on all automated clinical chemical analyzers and shows good comparability with commercially available methods for the determination of HDL-cholesterol.

The new test is available in different kit concepts for manual and automated use. For further information, please follow the link: HDL-c direct FS.