2020-03-31: IFCC Information Guide on COVID-19

On March 26, 2020 IFCC published an information guide on COVID-19. One of the topics in the guideline focuses on the biochemical monitoring of COVID-19 patients through in vitro diagnostic tests, which are essential for assessing the severity and progression of the disease and for monitoring therapeutic intervention. A number of established in vitro diagnostic tests have been associated to an adverse progression of COVID-19 and may provide important prognostic information.

The list (Link) is an extract from the Information Guide published by the IFCC. It gives advice to recommended tests in patients with COVID 19, shows the main laboratory abnormalities and their potential clinical indications.

For further information refer to IFCC website: www.ifcc.org/ifcc-news/2020-03-26-ifcc-information-guide-on-covid-19/

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