Albumin in Urine/CSF FS (Microalbumin)

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    Albumin in Urine/CSF FS (microalbumin) is used to determine very low quantities of the plasma protein albumin in human urine. Increased levels indicate kidney damage, especially in patients at higher risk (people suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure). 

  • Immunoturbidimetric test
  • Outstanding precision in series and total precision
  • High prozone security up to 200 g/L
KitsBioMajesty®, Multi-purpose, respons®, System kits
Calibrator(s)TruCal Albumin U/CSF, TruCal Albumin U/CSF high, TruCal Protein, TruCal Protein high
Control(s)TruLab Albumin U/CSF, TruLab Protein


Safety data sheets

Safety data sheets