On this page we offer detailed instructions for recalibration of Innovastar® and reference ranges to all DiaSys reagents (including a conversion tool if different units are commonly used). Further, you are invited to visit the AACC Laboratory Medicine Learning Lab, which contains over 100 helpful courses on a variety of topics in all areas of laboratory medicine.

Recalibration of InnovaStar®

Reference ranges

AACC Laboratory Medicine Learning Lab

About AACC Laboratory Medicine Learning Lab

Over 125 leading clinical laboratory scientists and physicians developed this free program specifically for professionals in laboratories and the in vitro diagnostics industry. It is intended to help you assess your knowledge and stay up-to-date.

The AACC Learning Lab for Laboratory Medicine consists of over 100 courses covering topics in all areas of laboratory medicine including clinical chemistry, analytical techniques, and clinical microbiology. The courses are based on the concept of adaptive learning, which is the closest to personalized education.

Using sophisticated algorithms, the platform interacts with you, the learner, and identifies the areas in which you are not yet proficient. It then provides targeted learning materials to address the deficiencies, enabling efficient learning in small blocks of time. The program can be accessed via mobile devices, which increases flexibility.

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