The DiaSys way towards 'New Work'

The COVID-19 pandemic has abruptly led to changes in the entire working world. Also at DiaSys, entire operating procedures had to be adapted to the necessary Corona protection measures. As a result, everyday office life changed completely. Thanks to quickly implemented digitization processes as well as office redesigns, all projects and work tasks can continue despite the restrictions.

Overnight, working in the home office, also called "mobile office" in our company, took on a completely different meaning. DiaSys quickly made mobile office possible for all employees whose jobs made this possible in order to contain the spread of the corona virus. In the meantime, the number of employees in Mobile Office has doubled. In addition, employees can arrange their working hours freely and flexibly. This makes everyday life a little bit easier, especially for parents, who have to look after their children at home at the same time.

"The balancing act between being an always-responsive colleague versus home schooling of a first-grader as well as taking care of the little ones requires a perfect time organization of my daily routine. I am very thankful that DiaSys is well positioned in terms of digitalization and the possibility of using "mobile office"."

– Melissa Neuhof, Assistant Executive Board –

Since the beginning of the pandemic, customer appointments, meetings, product workshops as well as device product and instrument trainings have only taken place digitally. Especially for our instrument trainings, which were previously organized as face-to-face events, a comprehensive online training concept had to be developed to prepare the technicians of new distributors for future assignments and be able to refresh the knowledge of existing customers.

"Our modern communication tools such as Microsoft Teams, have become indispensable for our everyday work. These tools make ad-hoc arrangements with my direct colleagues, but also cross-departmental collaboration, much easier."

– Melissa Neuhof, Assistant Executive Board –

From now on, the technical equipment will be constantly optimized to support and promote 'New Work' - the new way of working – also, in the future, because it will be an integral part of our working life just as it will be after the pandemic.