Water is the key

DiaSys new water purification systems

DiaSys is proud to present its new water purification systems: O classic, O mini and O maxi. The accuracy and reliability of results depend to a large extent on the quality of the process water. This is not only used for cleaning needles and cuvettes but also directly in the measurement for determining blank values or for diluting samples. Particles and impurities in addition to bacteria and ions must be removed from the water. DiaSys water purification systems work with coordinated cleaning steps to produce purest water of highest quality. With the water purification systems and together with our reagents and analytical instruments, DiaSys offers the complete package for reliable results.

In addition, respons®920 and respons®940 analyzers offer the option to connect an auto-filling system to avoid the inconvenience of filling the water tank. The auto-filling system is installed directly in the tank and connected to the water purification system, eliminating the time needed to refill the water tank and the risk of the analyzer stopping due to lack of water.This makes your laboratory work even more efficient.

DiaSys – Choosing Quality. Also for laboratory water!

More information and technical specification can be found here.