Compliance management

As part of the implementation of our compliance strategy, we have set up a comprehensive compliance management system (CMS) in accordance with ISO 37301 to ensure ethical and legally compliant behavior by our company. The CMS also conduces to prevent and avoid violations. This objective is directed at our management, all employees as well as our business partners.

Within our CMS, we have in particular created our own organizational compliance structure in our company. Our compliance officers are specifically responsible for implementing and monitoring our CMS. They are available to all our employees and business partners at all times in person, by phone, letter or e-mail for all questions relating to compliance issues.

Management measures

The commitment to compliance is clearly communicated by the management. To this end, a declaration of intent to establish a compliance management system and a code of conduct have been published. An independent compliance function and a compliance committee have been set up to advise and support the management and to establish, improve and further develop the compliance management system.

Compliance-specific framework

The implementation of specific operating procedures, guidelines and the provision of legal requirements in the company-specific legal register, clearly and transparently define compliance rules at DiaSys. DiaSys complies with both legal requirements and self-defined binding obligations. These are regularly reviewed and updated.

Systematic training

To maintain the effectiveness of the compliance management system, all employees must be familiar with the relevant legal requirements as well as with internal compliance documents. The aim is for all employees to know and adhere to the DiaSys compliance rules. The basis for this is compliance training, which is offered as on-site or online training. Training on topics of fundamental relevance is considered as mandatory for every employee. Further training on specific topics is assigned according to job and responsibility profiles. The training demand is regularly reviewed.

Reporting of irregular behavior

DiaSys encourages employees to report possible irregularities and infringements against law, internal regulations or guidelines. A whistleblower system has been set up for this, which allows confidential reporting via various channels. The compliance officer follows up on indications of violations in any event. No retaliation or negative consequences need be feared for reporting, even if the report proves to be unfounded or incorrect but was made in good faith or on basis of reasonable suspicion.

Consequence of non-compliant behavior

Compliance violations may result in serious consequences such as warnings, termination, claims for damages, lawsuits, penalties or image loss for employees or the company. The DiaSys principle is zero tolerance regarding compliance violations. Where they do occur, the company acts consistently.

Scope of compliance management

Following the establishment of the compliance management for DiaSys Diagnostic Systems GmbH, the system will be expanded within the group.

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Key obligations, guidelines and values for the legally compliant actions of our company are derived from our code of conduct. This is substantiated by a large number of compliance guidelines and behavioural requirements. Our company has also implemented numerous other internal processes for risk analysis and effective monitoring of our compliance management system.

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A key element of our compliance management system is the establishment of a web-based internal whistleblower system. All employees of our company as well as our business partners (suppliers, customers, etc.) have the opportunity to report violations of laws, the code of conduct and guidelines - also completely anonymously.

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